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About Pepflow

Pepflow B.V. specializes in the management of music rights, both its talented creators, as well as the users, of such rights. We serve those interests as music publisher and as business management. This makes us the ideal servicing partner for the music and entertainment industries.


Business Management

We can offer a variety of custom made activities on a consultancy basis. This varies from the management of your music rights to general business and artist related advice. We advise individuals, as well as companies within the music and entertainment industry, such as: songwriters (composers/lyricists), artists, producers, managers, labels and publishers. Our goal is to represent our clients, guide them in building their plans and careers, assist in all business and financial aspects and provide all-round ‘Business Management’. This involves providing support in all label and artists areas, songwriters, music (sub)publishing rights and neighboring rights. We can also conduct deal & contract negotiations on your behalf. Alternatively we offer general legal support in relation to the various segments of the music business (contract reviews).


Music Rights

The music industry can appear overwhelmingly complex. Navigating around the management of the various music rights can be perplexing. Several factors require specific expertise. Pepflow specializes in the management of music rights in the broadest sense.

Such management of rights contains:
– Acquisition of music rights (representation of songwriters, musical works, (sub)publishers);
– Administration of music rights (registrations of musical works, production of royalty statements);
&Exploitation of music rights (actively shopping of talent and songs towards: performing artists, managers, radio/TV-producers, film producers, multimedia producers, brands and/or add agencies – the so called ‘Synch’ exploitation of uses by sounds under images;
– Clearance of repertoire when used in Synch exploitation (commercials and movies) or with sample uses;
– Creative guidance of songwriters (A&R: find songs and initiate and organize co-write opportunities);
– Discover and (further) development of new artists or songwriters;
– Support of various label activities (long term planning, promotion, marketing, possibilities in the areas of live-entertainment, etc.);
– Registrations of repertoire with DSP’s (including iTunes, Spotify and all other relevant equivalents);
– Administration of neighboring rights (both on behalf of a producer, as well as an artist or musician);
– Legal support (deal negotiations with third parties, plus drafting of contractual parts), contract reviews;
– Support in the areas of (international) licensing, including its required written confirmations and settlements.


Please feel free to contact us if you wish to use any of our services.